Our unique approach to precision machining and tool making

At Elba Tool, we are a team of seasoned professionals, implementing state-of-the-art technology, delivering the most challenging parts and tooling

The founders of Elba Tool shared a passion for the art and science of tool and die making.

The original founders of Elba Tool shared a passion for the art and science of tool and die making. Our industry has changed dramatically since the two partners opened their small shop in 1962, yet our commitment to quality without compromise has never wavered.

As the Elba team has grown, our ability to serve the world’s leading manufacturers has expanded right along with it. Today, our modern production facility is home to the latest software and high-speed machining equipment. We are proud to design and build die-cast dies, molds and precision machine parts for the automotive, medical, aerospace, defense and consumer goods industries.

1962 Maywood

Original building in Maywood Illinois

1962 Maywood

Otto Barth, founder, starting on a new project

1962 Maywood

Otto Barth and Horst Elendt, founders, reviewing a die before shipment

1962 Maywood

Otto Barth, founder, giving his stamp of approval to ship a job!

1962 Maywood

The elba team in the early days

1974 Schaumburg

Mid 1970’s - Elba Tool moves into 10,000 sq. ft. Schaumburg Illinois facility

1974 Schaumburg

High quality mold example with high diamond finish and texturing

1974 Schaumburg

Early example of hydraulic unscrewing mold

1985 Schaumburg

Larger CNC equipment was purchased to start building larger dies and molds

1987 Schaumburg

Elba Tool is recognized by Lunt Mfg. CEO Helmut Brandt for 25 years of excellence

1992 Schaumburg

Elba Tool machines prototype castings and builds tooling for the Cadillac Northstar engine induction housing program

1996 Bloomingdale

Horst Elendt and Erich Elendt form new partnership

1999 Bloomingdale

Elba Tool breaks ground on new 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Bloomingdale Illinois

1999 Bloomingdale

October 1999, production begins in newly completed facility

We collaborate with you to deliver total satisfaction.

Elba team leaders are some of the most highly skilled and qualified people in our industry. They always seek to learn and master the latest techniques so that we are ready to work in partnership with you, no matter what challenges you bring us. We are constantly investing in the latest equipment, studying new methods and exploring the best ways to apply them to your specific needs. Understanding your requirements in depth enables us to find the right solutions.

At Elba, we form a proactive partnership with you and your engineering staff. We want to understand your manufacturing goals and challenges, and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure they are met. We do not simply read your requirements and follow them; we craft innovative solutions that will help you achieve greater efficiency and less waste over the long term.

We focus intently on the details, because that’s where excellence begins.

Precision is the heart of our business. When you work with Elba Tool, no detail will be overlooked. Total attention to quality and accuracy enables us to minimize defects. We are gratified that virtually ZERO products are returned to us for dimensional issues. We strive at all times for 100% satisfaction of your requirements and are big proponents of continuous improvement.

We eliminate the need to ship your parts anywhere else.

Why work with a supplier that is forced to send your components out for subcontracted services? At Elba, our complete in-house machining capabilities ensure that everything is handled as part of a single controlled process. The end result? Greater quality and efficiency for you.

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