Value Engineering

Value engineering services to create superior dies, molds and tooling

At Elba Tool, we work with total productivity in mind. Our goal is to ensure that every die, mold or tool design we produce for you will work exactly as intended to assure fast, accurate manufacturing with minimal waste.

We partner with your engineering team from start to finish.

Your RFQ is the starting point for a conversation that covers every detail and dimension of what you need. In many cases, we can help your design team rethink the way a part is made, discovering better approaches that can reduce part weight or consolidate a series of parts into one, streamlining your process. These innovative improvements are a natural outcome of listening to your needs and actively seeking to support your success.

Collaboration that leads to superior tooling and components.

At Elba, we are known for our ability to rethink projects that others may have been unable or unwilling to handle. We believe that viewing and working with all customers as partners is the key to satisfying their needs.

Our extensive skills, paired with the most advanced software systems, enable us to work effectively with your design team. We will help you select and certify appropriate materials and outline efficient production strategies that lead to the design and manufacture of top-quality tooling and components that are consistently interchangeable and free of defects.

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