Quality Control

Our total commitment to quality

At Elba Tool, concern for quality is deep in our DNA. Our team strives to meet quality standards that are among the highest in the industry. At the start of your project, our engineering department identifies targets that are dimensionally or functionally significant. These key specifications will be monitored continuously from start to finish.

Our dedication to in-process quality control.

We are constantly monitoring and checking parts and tooling dimensions. Issues that might affect the quality and function of the components we produce for you can be detected before they even come off the machine — and resolved before final inspections are made.

Acceptance testing is performed using our dedicated quality control equipment that is strategically located in our facility to handle larger and heavier parts. This equipment features the latest in testing technology, including a Brown and Sharpe CMM supported by a 3-ton hoist for larger and heavier parts.

Quality Control
ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified
Your assurance of quality and precision

Employ precise production methods and execute the plan.

  1. Analyze and discuss your design Specifications | Part Functionality | Production Requirements
  2. Precise production methods execute the plan
  3. Perform in-process checks as each workpiece enters and exits the work center
  4. Conduct final inspection before shipping to assure components meet your specs

Continual improvement and training lead to quality results.

Precision machining, die-cast die making and mold building are extremely demanding tasks. It takes years for machinists and tool and die makers to learn and perfect their craft. At Elba, we are devoted to giving all team members the support and training they need to master the crucial skills involved in the work we do.

Our work environment is driven by the latest technology, yet our work ethic is inspired by traditional craftsmanship. We are proud that we receive virtually ZERO returns for dimensional errors.

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