For complex shapes and fine finishes

Elba Tool has invested in both wire and sinker Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology that enables us to “burn” delicate and complex shapes into workpieces with precision. This advanced technology allows us to produce shapes in parts that are not otherwise machinable using conventional methods.

EDM produces fine finishes with close tolerances in hard to reach places.

The EDM process works by electrically eroding metal away using very controlled sparks via an electrode or wire. A copper or graphite electrode is used in the sinking process, and brass wire is used for the wiring process. A dielectric fluid is used to help remove the particles produced by this process. As the machining process moves forward, power is reduced and electrodes are orbited out to create very fine finishes with amazing accuracy. In some cases, the need for polishing or honing can be eliminated.

Our 4-axis wire EDM effortlessly cuts holes, slots, pockets and through shapes to exact sizes and locations on the workpiece to within .0001’s of an inch. Our wire EDM capabilities enable us to execute long, unattended burns for a variety of geometries.

Our suite of sinker EDMs enable us to machine both large and small parts using electrodes up to 250 pounds, while still being able to use low power settings. The use of low power in conjunction with orbiting yields part surfaces with fine finishes. That means less polishing or hand finishing is required to create a stress-free, high-quality part. This is especially important in die-cast and forging tooling that must withstand extreme temperatures, pressures or forces.

Wire EDM part sizes
32” x 20” x 16”
Close tolerance capabilities ensuring fit, function, and repeatability
Sinker EDM part sizes up to
44” x 30” x 16”
Electrode weights up to
250 LBS.
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